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Welcome to dedicated SWG Roleplaying

Venture into one of the first SWGEmu Core3 servers completely customized for immersive tabletop-style roleplaying.

Built for Roleplay

D20 Based Skill Systems, Immersive Animation Playback, Custom Worlds, and much more.

Gain skill points through roleplay and rely on turn-based strategy instead of gameplay mechanics.

Forget about the Grind

Take world design to a whole new level. No need for maintenance, grinding experience points, or paying for buffs. Everything exists to serve the narrative that you and the DM weave.

New Content & Systems at our fingertips

New worlds to be made, cities to create, environments to explore. Dark Rebellion features tools built to help make the immersion deep and possibilities endless.

Explore a dark new future for the Star Wars Galaxy

The Rebel Alliance lost the Battle of Endor. The galaxy’s foremost heroes are dead. The Death Star is missing, the Jedi Order left heirless, and an alliance left fractured and lost. Venture into a new timeline forged within the fires of the Legends canon.

An Emperor Missing

Following the destruction of the sanctuary moon of Endor by the Death Star II, the super station jumped to lightspeed and vanished without a trace. With no contact with the Emperor since, many wonder if he has gone rogue, has died, or has some nefarious plan.

An Alliance No More

The greatest heroes and leaders of the Rebel Alliance met their grim end at the Battle of Endor. With no guidance or hope, those who survived now debate on the future of the fight against the Empire. With countless disagreements, the Alliance has fractured into several groups of freedom fighters.

A Future Uncertain

Without victory over the Empire, nor the people to lead the charge, a New Republic could not be formed. Under the fear of Palpatine’s return, few dare to question the interim leadership of the Empire or face the Emperor’s retribution. The path forward has been irrevocably shattered; how will you help change it?