A New Dark Future

A future made, event by event, link by link, a living chain of action, reaction, and change. Alter one event, and a new future comes to be. Splinter a link, and a new chain is forged.

Star Wars: Infinities: A New Hope #1, Dark Horse Comics

The Battle of Endor was one of the final key defining moments in the Galactic Civil War. From that moment, new histories were forged, but both histories known today were made from the conclusion that the battle was won by the Rebellion.

But what if the heroes of the Rebellion failed to shut down the shield generator in time? What if some unknown event saw the shield remain online long enough for the Emperor’s malicious order to destroy the sanctuary moon came to fruition? These are the events that led to the future now explored by SWG: Dark Rebellion.

A New Chain Forged

With the shield still up, an assault on the Death Star II could not take place. The rebel fleet was pushed back toward the Star Destroyers as Palpatine’s trap snapped shut. Between the unrelenting fire of the Death Star and the Star Destroyers, the ships containing the Alliance’s heroes and leaders were destroyed. When the Death Star turned on the forest moon and reduced it to fiery rubble, a broken retreat was called. Only a few ships were able to make a daring escape.

The Imperials celebrated their victory, but only briefly. Shortly after the battle was won, the Death Star inexplicitly fired on the Super Star Destroyer ‘Executor,’ after the behemoth flagship of Darth Vader went strangely radio silent. In a blink, the incomplete superweapon vanished into hyperspace without a word of its destination, or intent. The Rebel Alliance was destroyed, but the Empire’s victory was a pyrrhic one; their Emperor now missing, his intent unknown. All the Empire knows is that he is out there, with a weapon that can bring the galaxy to heel.

Remnants of the Alliance

Whatever remained of the Rebel Alliance forces following Endor met on Sulon, the moon of Sullust, and discussed the future of the Rebellion from there. One thing was certain; the galaxy was ready for change. The Empire’s tyranny had become intolerable to countless worlds. Without the bright and charismatic leaders the Alliance once had, however, no one could champion that change into a New Republic. Days passed. Many who were just simple Lieutenants or soldiers just a week before were now weighted with the responsibility of the galaxy’s liberation. Each new leader had their own opinions on how the Rebellion should proceed. Some wanted to form a stronger military. Some wanted to turn the Empire peaceful from the inside out. Some just wanted revenge.

At the end of the deliberations, the meeting parted with only one unanimous decision; the Rebel Alliance was no more. A consensus could not be found, and so a dozen new rebellions formed; each a pathetic fraction of what once was. Not all were friendly with one another. None co-operated.

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