About Dark Rebellion

SWG Roleplay Evolved

Star Wars Galaxies is and continues to be one of the best MMORPGs designed for player roleplay. With its highly customizable and malleable world, extremely flexible character creation, and an intense selection of elements that help with immersion into the Star Wars Galaxy, it remains unrivalled in roleplaying possibilities.

Before Dark Rebellion, much of SWG Roleplay has taken place on servers either meant for standard gameplay, or utilize the game’s base mechanics to facilitate roleplay. This can be tiresome for some roleplayers, as this can demand their attention to grinding and maintaining a limited roleplay experience in player cities and beyond. The reliance on gameplay mechanics also limits the depth and detail of roleplay that other roleplay systems, like table-top games, can provide.

A Total Conversion

Dark Rebellion is not a play server, nor does it try to be. By forgoing the need to preserve SWG Gameplay elements, we can introduce dedicated roleplay elements into the game itself. Your HAM will reflect your stats, skills are utilized like skill points on a character sheet, and NPCs have internal stats and new control options for a streamlined Dungeon Mastered roleplay experience.

Each of the planets within Dark Rebellion are custom and hand crafted to support the roleplayer. No longer are we limited to what we can place and maintain within the confines of SWG’s strict player structure rules. We have every building, every planet feature, and our imagination to craft scenes that will support both persistent worlds and one-off missions.

By developing new systems as we march on, we will be exploring how to create scenes quickly and easily; which will let the roleplay go as far as the stars will take them.

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